Our History

In the early part of the 1930’s Evangelist Raymond T. Richey held revival meetings across the country where thousands of people were saved by the power of God. God greatly blessed the Richey family by confirming His Word with “signs following.”  Many people were healed of sicknesses and disease.

One faithful listener to Raymond Richey’s radio program, which was broadcasted from Houston, was a widow by the name of Lorena Toups.  As Lorena listened her heart grew hungry for the reality of God in her own life.  It didn’t take long for God to satisfy that hunger as one day she knelt in her room and confessed her sins to God, and received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.

Lorena Toups had a desire to begin a church. She owned a grocery store on Convention Street and decided to begin having prayer meetings there.  In 1936 she purchased a piece of ground at 4357 Sherwood Drive. Paul Hart built the church where services began. The church joined in membership with the Assemblies of God on Sept. 27th, 1937.

C.M. Carraway had moved to Baton Rouge to work and at the same time, and pastored the church for seven months.  Pastor Burns and Pastor Hudnall Greer each pastored from 1941 to 1946. Pastor Lloyd R. Logan, who had pastored the Assembly of God church in Pittsburgh Kansas, came to pastor the Church.

In 1947 property was purchased on Oswego Street with the purpose of building a church and parsonage on the empty lots.

In 1951 Gayle Jackson accepted the invitation from the church to come to Baton Rouge and have a tent revival. The time was ripe for a spiritual awakening in Baton Rouge and many people heard the Full Gospel message for the first time. God moved by His Spirit and over 5,000 people were saved.

In 1962, when Lee Duhon pastored First Assembly of God, 5 acres were purchased on Goodwood Blvd. Ground breaking for the chapel took place in 1963, after construction church services were held in the building.

In the fall of 1978, First Assembly Christian Academy was founded under the leadership of Sidney Williams.  This ministry of First Assembly touched many families, as children were taught God’s love as well as academics.  Many children were accepting Christ at school.

In 1980, our present facility was built and dedicated under the direction of Pastor David Kelly and in 1988 First Assembly of God merged with Crossfire Assembly of God, which then became known as Hosanna First Assembly with Glenn Berteaux as its Pastor.