Flood Recovery

Donations: Go to DONATE above or CLICK HERE to donate toward our flood recovery effort. Once logged into EasyTithe, select “Flood Recovery” and enter your donation amount. Thank you in advance for your help and support!

Also, there are 2 forums to help connect those in need with those who are able to assist.

CLICK HERE if you are in need. Please provide where you are, contact information, and your needs.

CLICK HERE if you are able to assist. Please give detailed information of what you can do as well as contact information.

Our mission focus today is our own Baton Rouge area.  Our hearts are hurting at the devastation our area has faced this past weekend.  We are now in the process of organizing teams to assist with both current and future needs.  We are working to confirm the status of all our Hosanna family as well as their loved ones.  Please continue to send us information either here on our page or through email.


We are putting together recovery teams to assist both those in our church and in our community.  Listed below are the teams we are focusing on at this time.  We also need volunteers to be team leaders.  Our teams will work both out of our church as well as connecting with local shelters.  Convoy of Hope arrived last night from Missouri.  They are stationed at this time at Bethany South.  We have already connected with them and will be working alongside them during recovery.  Bethany South has also opened their doors as a shelter.


Teams we are building:


1. Food Preparation/Serving

2. Collection and Distribution of Clothes, Shoes, Blankets, etc.

3. Providing Shelter

4. Assisting to Clear Homes

5. Assisting to Rebuild Homes

6. Assisting to Clean Yards

7. Volunteering at Shelters

8. Collection of School Supplies for Students


We will be putting this on our website soon.  In the meantime, reply here or message us if you would like to be on a team or even to lead a team.  Ideally we would like to see separate teams located in all the effected areas.  We hope to also be able to connect our leaders to friends, family and churches outside of our area and across the country to appeal for their assistance in collecting needed items.  For more information, message us or contact Rhonda Brown Anzivino.


Praying for healing and restoration in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas!  #HosannaFamily  #lostsoulsmatter  #GodHealOurLand